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What does your ROAD to Retirement look like?

Things aren’t what they were in your grandparent’s day. Back then, there were only a few channels on TV if the antenna was working. The family shared one phone, and it was on a wall in the house. Gas stations gave away free road maps. Now we’ve got GPS, and it’s still easy to get lost. The point is things changed. Take retirement, for example. In your grandparent’s day, retirement was easy. They had a pension at work, and they could count on Social Security for a little more. They paid off the house where they raised your mom or dad. Bingo, your grandparent’s road to retirement was straightforward. They knew where they were going and how they would get there. But the rules of the road have changed. In recent years company-funded pensions are mostly a thing of the past. The future of Social Security is uncertain. That means if you’re in range of your retirement, it can be a good thing if you’re willing to plan, save and manage your investments. But it can also be a terrible thing if you let things slide. You could lose some of your savings in down markets. So here you are, coming upon retirement. What destination do you choose? Should we program it into your GPS? What about a route that includes life insurance? Not your grandparent’s whole life insurance. But this life insurance, index universal life insurance (IUL). It’s a 21st-century version of life insurance. An IUL can be a powerful wealth accumulation vehicle while on the road to retirement. Like life insurance in the past, it provided secure death benefit protection for your loved ones if you died too soon. But because it’s modern life insurance, it can be one type of retirement Insurance for you to use! Here’s how. Depending on the amount of premium you pay, an IUL has the potential to accumulate significant amounts of tax-deferred dollars. Along with potentially tax-free payouts. You can use the payout while you’re still living if the policy is structured correctly. The IUL can help supplement your income for a healthy retirement, college, a new roof, vacation, or new business. It’s money you can use for any purpose you choose. The IUL’s growth engine earns interest based in part on stock market index performance. At the same time, you are protecting your values with minimum policy guarantees when markets are down. That’s because an IUL policy offers the potential to credit interest based in part on the upward movement of a stock market index. Alternatively, an IUL policy also protects against the impact of market downturns with a minimum guaranteed interest rate offered through a fixed interest account. When you purchase an IUL policy, you can decide within policy guidelines the amount of insurance that’s right for you, the number of premiums, and the timing or frequency of planned premiums. The premiums can be monthly, quarterly, or annually. Also, you can allocate your premium along your choice of interest crediting accounts. Think of how much smoother your road to retirement could be without all the curves, hills, and valleys—dream about how you won’t have to pay taxes on an IUL income stream. You shouldn’t have to spend a day of your journey making up for loss. Even if you take a side trip or have some significant healthcare expenses, there are even additional options to access cash. A lot has changed since your grandparent’s day, especially on the road to retirement. An IUL could help you put the pedal to the metal. That’s why we call it life to the max. For more information, visit your financial professional, Darin Weidauer, at 424-400-4056, and let’s get this road trip started.

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