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Supplements For Nevada Medicare Can Fill the Gap

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Supplements For Nevada Medicare Such As Medigap and MedSupp Can Fill the Gap

Nevada Medicare Supplements, Medigap, and MedSupp Insurance Plans

Medicare, Part A, and Part B do not cover all the recipient’s healthcare costs.  There are many Medicare out of pocket expenses not covered by Original Medicare. Private healthcare insurance companies provide plans to cover those out of pocket expenses. These plans are called Medicare Supplements, and you may have heard them called Med-Supp or Medigap.

Your initial eligibility for Medicare is generally the BEST time to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan. You can begin your Medicare Supplement coverage on the first day of your birth month when you turn 65. Your Initial Enrollment Period runs for six months, including your birth month. Remember, you must enroll in Part A and Part B for Medigap eligibility. Why is your Initial Enrollment period the best time to enroll?  Because you have what is called Guaranteed Issue during this period.  Once this time expires, the insurance company could require underwriting, and waiting periods could apply.

Types of Nevada Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans come in many different options.  They are typically named Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, Plan F, Plan G, Plan K, Plan L, Plan M, and Plan N. There are a few states (Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin) that name them differently. Call ECOS Medicare Solutions, and we will explain MedSupp Plans for you. These Medicare Supplements can help the out of pocket expenses. Original Medicare does not cover. Out of Pocket expenses consist of Coinsurance, Co-Payments, and deductibles. Each of the plans I listed earlier covers these out of pocket expenses differently. ECOS can help you understand which plan could fit you the best. Also, each of these plans has different premiums depending on the insurance company, but they cover the same everywhere. Remember not to confuse Part A or Part B with Plan A, or Plan B. Medicare can be confusing.

Refer to the Table below to get a general summary of benefits offered by the ten standard Medicare Supplement Plans. An X on the Table means the service is covered 100%. If a number is on the Table, that is the percentage that is covered, and an open box means there is no coverage.

*Beginning January 1, 2020, Plan C and Plan F will not be available to new beneficiaries aging into Medicare. However, Plan F and Plan C continue to be open to those eligible before January 1, 2020.

**If you meet the Maximum Out of Pocket limits and any required Deductibles Medigap plans K and L pay 100% for the rest of the calendar year.

***Plan N, other than a possible $20 co-pay for specified office visits and a potential $50 co-payment for emergency room trips Plan N pays 100% of the Part B co-payments.

****Plan G offers a High and Low deductible plan option. ECOS Medicare Solutions can help you understand the difference between the High and Low options

Medicare Supplement Plan FAQs

  • MedSupp plans standardize by using letters. However, prices/premiums vary across the different carriers. ECOS Medicare Solutions can provide all the costs.
  • You can NOT have a Medicare Supplement and a Medicare Advantage Plan at the same time.
  • MedSupp Plans do NOT include Part D Prescription Drug Plans; therefore, you must buy a Part D Prescription Drug Plan from an insurance company. ECOS Medicare Solutions can provide you all your Part D options.
  • Insurance companies are not required to offer all Medicare Supplement insurance plans. ECOS Medicare Solutions can tell you precisely what carriers cover what plans.

Medicare and the United States Government do not endorse or are they connected to any Medicare Supplement Insurance carrier.

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